Our History

This is the story of our heritage from the humble beginnings.

Our beginning

The business started with a van and a pallet of dairy hygiene. “How I got it off the ground, I’ll never know”. My first customer was John Dowding who we still supply at Lower Vagg Farm today and our accountants became IVC Services with Phil Best later becoming my company secretary.


First Farm Group

I picked up our first group of farmers - The Shaston Group. Quickly followed by the Beaminster Group I was run off of my feet trying to cope with the increase in customers. I also passed my Animal Medicines exam.



I broke my leg jumping out the back of a van with a 2 x 5Ltr of Pirodine. Went to skittles that night and had the top score, drank a lot of whisky for the pain. Young Brendan was my first employee to drive me about. Bought out Harry Purseys business - Athena Farm Sales. Third group of farmers - The Farmwell Group


Our Second Buy-out

Bought my second company off of Richard Sayer and took on a second van - although it didn’t take long for the van I bought off of him to blow up! Foot and Mouth returned to Surrey causing problems for a few months. 2007 also saw us selling silage sheets for the first time.


Cleersview Farm

2008 was the year that my second in command - Tanya McGhee joined the company, following our continued growth. It was also the year that we moved into our present warehouse at Cleersview Farm, giving us much more space to operate from.


Our Third Buy-out

We then moved the office to Cleersview Farm as well. I bought my third company Dan Thomas Farm Supplies. Ed Parsons joined us from Genus. We started selling Bateman equipment and Delf started trading - selling Dairy Chemicals.


Website Launch

We started selling mineral blocks through Dallas Keith. Jemma Stanton launched our first website - doing the work in her spare time. Katy McGhee - Tanya’s daughter also joined the team here at Stanton Farm Supplies.



Dan Cook joined the business originally in the Northern patch. This enabled Ed to become a Sales Representative full time.
My first granddaughter Tabitha was born.


Silage Sheets

My daughter Jem joined the business. Tanya was made up as Office Manager.
We started selling Milk powder by the tonne, and selling Sotraffa Silage sheets - particularly the heavier gauge sheets.
Did over £100,000’ in sales.



My second granddaughter Scarlett was born.
Donald Norman joined the business to run the North of the area. Dan Cook switched to running the South of the area.
Both myself and Ed bought out Rob Cox who ran a business North of Bristol.



Will Marffy joined the business to be a second Van Salesman in the South. Stanton Farm Supplies Bristol was formed as a shared business between myself and Ed. Compton Martin became the base for our Bristol store.
Our head office moved premises to Long Sutton.


Growing.. Still

James Marffy joined the business to run the store from Somerton.
Jake Eyles joined to work for both companies and run the store at Compton Martin. My second daughter Kim joined the business.


New Starts

Tanya McGhee became our Financial Director. Our NEW website was launched with our online shop.
We expanded our store. My third granddaughter Coral was born.


So Far...

Kristian Lye, Callum Gane and Aaron Phipps joined the team to join Will with South deliveries. Dan Cook covers the North area.
We moved our Head office to our stores, with the girls having brand new offices. Also we started our Facebook Page (we took our time, I know!)


New Year - New Starts

Will Marffy became our new Stores Person. We also have picked up our FOURTH group - The White Horse farmers. Katy now helps out doing the Bristol Admin as well as Stanton Farm Supplies. We have also welcomed THREE NEW STAFF - Patrick, Tom and George.